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Food preparation

When Coop was younger and I was making his babyfood, I often made more than I needed and froze portions in ice cube trays. Once frozen I would pop them out and put them in baggies.

Now that he is older and eating real food, I do something similar. I often make him batches of things like rice with tofu and vegetables, organic mac & cheese with brocolli or spinach added in, homemade soups, pasta with chickpeas and veggies and sauce etc.

I portion out a meal or two and put it in the fridge, and the rest I divide into muffin pans (using the tin-foil type liner) and freeze. With some foods, I don't even need the muffin pan, I just use the tin-foil muffin paper and then freeze inside a tupperware container or something else firm enough to help give it shape (one large container and I put the "muffins" up against each other to support their shape)

Once frozen I pop them out of the pans and put them into baggies. They make perfect 1/2 cup serving sizes, and it is easy to just take one out at a time to defrost.

Anyone else have useful hints?
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