pumpkingirl71 (pumpkingirl71) wrote in real_baby_food,

Thoughts on Organic...

First, I want to thank the person who suggested mixing applesauce with everything. I was close to throwing the towel on certain important foods, but eats them all with applesauce. I think it is gross, but he likes it : ) I have to adjust my perspective. I used to think "Why will he he only eat applesauce?" I need to be thankful that he loves something as healthy as applesauce.

I am curious how you all feel about organic fruits and veggies. My son started solids very young. At that point I said that he would only eat 100% organic. Then lots of great fruits and veggies came in season. I had a choice between local, amazing produce and not so great organic produce. So I decided it was ok to have local, non organic produce as finger food, but if I am processing and freezing it, it should be organic.

But now I am having a hard time getting asparagus, and that is the one veggie he actually gets excited about. So I am thinking about making a batch of non-organic...

Do you do all organic, or a mix, or do you not worry about organic foods?
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