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real_baby_food's Journal

healthy food for your babies and kids
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for parents who want to feed their children healthy foods instead of mush in jars or Chicken McNuggets. Whole foods are encouraged. Meat and vegan dishes are welcome. White flour, refined sugar, artificial flavors and colors, and salt are discouraged. Give your tips for cooking and storing foods. Tell us how you get your child to eat yucky but healthy things.

Allowed posts:

  • recipes
  • introductions
  • questions
  • tips and helpful websites
  • rants, raves, and comments about feeding children
  • discussion of any type of food

Forbidden posts:

  • personal attacks (name calling, curses, etc) focus arguments on the issues, not the people
  • posts that are way off topic
  • uncut pictures over 400 pixels wide
  • more than one uncut picture in a post
  • bf/ff debates. this is a pro-boob community. if you want to talk about the relative merits of different feeding methods, please do it elsewhere.
  • uncut nudity or profanity (and the cut must warn that the post contains nudity or profanity)
  • spam (including community promotion or ebay listings unless you get permission in advance)

subject lines are highly encouraged for easier categorization to memories.

this community supports attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, delaying solids, and similar parenting methods. while there might be other valid ideas about parenting and you can post freely about them (as long as your post is related to feeding children), you can expect snarky comments if you post about feeding ice cream to your newborn and then letting her cry it out while you stick to your rigid feeding schedule.

let's keep it friendly and supportive. i would hate to have to close membership because of a few bad apples.

Your maintainer is chrispina (chrispina @ livejournal.com). Please contact me if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.